A little bit about me.

Collector of moments.

About Little Seeds' Amanda Blakey

Who is Brisbane photographer Amanda Blakey?

I’m Amanda, a professional photographer and serious chocolate lover, and someone who can’t pass up the opportunity for a good laugh. My hubby and I are blessed with gorgeous children; boy/girl twins followed by another little fellow who is quite possibly the happiest person I’ve ever encountered (seriously, this kid was born with a smile on his very cute little dial).

My passion beyond my family is capturing beautiful images for other people; images that demonstrate the very unique bonds shared between family and friends, and create memories of special times.

I specialise in special light photography, capturing the special moments in your life – a household filled with the excitement of a new baby; the awe of a parent gazing at their sleepy newborn; the giggles between siblings; the glances between soulmates – these candid moments make for the best captured memories.

My style is natural and emotive. My sessions are easy going and fun. No rushing or clock watching, the best moments happen naturally, and I’ll be there to capture them.

I’d be delighted to capture some special memories for you, so let’s chat.

*Images of Amanda’s family on this page copyright Wanderer and The Wild Photography